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SugarOak Office Retreat is home to more than 80+ businesses. See why our tenants love our property!

Myra Goodrich, LCSW, MT-BC

Therapeutic Rhythms, LLC

"SugarOak has been a great place to have my practice!  We love our space and how it looks out to the woods and creek. Clients have commented about how the grounds are quiet and beautiful. The management team continues to be friendly and responsive to our needs. I'm so grateful that we found SugarOak!"

"Having my office space at Sugar Oak Office Retreat has made coming to work a pleasure. Driving through the tree covered driveway into the parking lot and seeing the beautiful landscaping, tranquil fountains and the forest-like setting creates a sense of relaxation that you wouldn’t expect to find in the middle of Herndon. My clients really enjoy and appreciate the atmosphere the setting creates. The staff are responsive, friendly and professional when addressing all our office needs. I would highly recommend Sugar Oak Office Retreat for any small business."

Mary Histing

Breastfeeding Outlook

"We’ve been at SugarOak since November 2007 and we love it all: The peace and quiet, the beautiful landscaping, and the response time of management. We did a good bit of shopping before we signed a lease at SugarOak Office Retreat. We appreciate how quiet and private it is, yet how it has easy access to plenty of places for lunch, catering, etc., etc. I love the back deck! We use ours ALL the time! I go out there to refresh my mind and spirit once a day!"

Marci Britt, M.S., CCC-SLP

Small Talk, LLC

"I love being a tenant at SugarOak. We have been here a year and a half and absolutely love our space and the beautiful surroundings. The management team has been wonderful from the very beginning with helping us find the perfect space to fit our needs and making the changes we needed and continue to be responsive and accommodating to our needs. This place is the best!"

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